I am an avid sports fan, and even more passionate about Youth sports and Chicago sports teams. I love the Hawks (the Blackhawks that is), the Bulls, Da Bears and, yes, I am that rare Chicagoan that cheers for BOTH the Cubs and the Sox. I do wear black when they play each other, and would love nothing more than watching the Sox beat the Cubs in a windy city World Series…but that would never happen if I don’t root for the Cubs. Besides, what better place in the world to watch a baseball game than the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. The Sox can’t even keep their field named consistently. (it will always be Comiskey Park to me).

I am also very passionate about youth sports. I have been the coach of all my kids sporting activities, and hope to continue to coach after the three of them are old enough for High School, which is only a couple years away. This follows my passion for teaching people and watching them succeed…and what would be better to see a kid try something and get better. It is such a great feeling that I sometimes can’t resist stopping at a community ballpark when I travel for work after hours to see the local kids play. From t-ball to 14U, from baseball to softball to any sport, watching them play for fun and try as hard as they can (no matter their skill level) is just simply awesome. And it certainly helps that I have the patience to teach and love it!