I love to teach people about the internet and marketing in today’s new technology. Keeping adults and their companies ahead of the curve and able to reach their target market is my specialty. Please visit Marketing RELEVANCE’s Seminar’s page to see what I can bring to your organization, and let me know when you want me there!

I can be a keynote speaker, a full or half day educator and even lead a ‘lunch and learn’ panel on a sales or marketing topic. I have spoken to audiences as large as 500+ people, and love every minute of it.

Where I’ve Spoken:

Speaking Engagements:

ALI Conference (Association Leadership Institute):

  • August 2013 – Go Mobile: Connecting your Members Using Smart Technology
  • August 2014 – My Brother Built It, Why Doesn’t It WORK?
  • July 2015 – Who Says Social Media Can’t Drive Membership?

21st Century Building Expo & Conference

  • 2011 – “11” Hottest Marketing Commodities of 2011

Builder Show

  • 2012 – Generation Translation

EOC (Executive Officers Council):

  • 2010 – Social Media Marketing: Engage in On-Line Business Conversation
  • 2010 – Building Your Associations Social Media Presence
  • 2010 – Social Media Lab
  • 2011 – Creating an Interactive Website
  • 2011 – Integrate Social Media into the Life of Your Association

Home Builders Association of Alabama:

  • 2012 – Go Mobile: There’s An App For That & Mobile Technology
  • 2012 – EO Social Media

Home Builders Association of South Carolina:

  • 2010 – The Intersection of Social and Search

International Builders Show (IBS):

  • 2010 – Dealing with Gen Y – The Next Generation of Builders, Buyers, Colleagues, and Employees
  • 2010 – Stop Gambling! Target Your Marketing Budget with Internet Tracking
  • 2011 – Dealing with Gen Y – The Next Generation of Builders, Buyers, Colleagues and Employees
  • 2011 – The 11 Hottest Marketing Commodities of 2011
  • 2011 – The Power of Social Media: The Tools of the Trade